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Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative Hair Designs Salon in Seattle, Washington is your trusted provider of helpful information about hair loss, replacement, and care solutions. Learn more about the most causes of hair-related problems. Take the time to read our FAQ section today!

Hair Extensions Q & A

Q: This is my first time. What do I do?

A: Make an appointment to see a professional hair extension technician. They will advise you on how hair extensions are applied. The most important part of hair extensions is the right hair. Hair is produced in different parts of the world and it is important that you get the right hair to match your own hair type. 

Q: What color should I choose?

A: When choosing a color to perfectly match your own hair, always choose a color that matches your hair from the middle to the ends. Never buy hair the color of your roots, as it is always darker. The blending of your hair on the bottom part is most important.

Q: Can I mix several colors?

A: This is a great idea! Most people have more than one color in their hair. Blending several colors gives you a more natural look. This is also a great way to create highlights or the latest trend of chunky colors.

Q: Can I use extensions to add texture or color to my hair?

A: Absolutely! Extensions are a great way to experiment with color or texture without chemically treating your own natural hair!

Q: Is it done with real hair?

A: Most hair extensions are done with real hair, however synthetic hair is also available. Ask your stylist to recommend which would be best for the style you are seeking.

Q: What type of hair do you use and where does it come from?

A: We use 100% natural hair. It is produced in China and we only purchase the Remy quality hair. This ensures that the hair cuticles are all in the same direction, therefore the hair stays silky and smooth and does not matt if treated properly.

Q: Will extensions damage my hair?

A: Extensions should not damage your hair if properly cared for and maintained. You must be careful brushing. If you have a tangle, hold the hair while you brush it, especially if your hair is fragile. Have the extensions redone about every 4-6 weeks. It is very important to have an expert do your hair extensions and that they thoroughly explain how to maintain your style for optimum healthy hair.

Q: How much hair do I need?

A: Everyone has a different head shape and size along with different hair texture. This will often dictate how much hair is required.

Q: How long should they last?

A: The hair that is used should last for at least 6 months regardless of the method used. Higher quality hair can last up to 18 months. If they are not lasting that long, there is likely to be a problem in the installation or the daily maintenance program.

Q: How long should commercial hair be worn over time?

A: If genuine care is taken when choosing a safe method of extensions, and that method is executed properly along with proper daily maintenance and professional maintenance, hair extensions can be worn indefinitely. You have to have healthy natural hair to attach hair extensions to, so keep your hair healthy.

Q: Will wearing hair extensions help me grow my chemical relaxer, perm, or color out?

A: Yes! If you choose basic hair weaving as your installation method, your natural hair will be braided underneath and relieve you of having to chemically relax your new growth, so your natural texture can grow out. 

Q: What is Hair Weaving?

A: There are several different techniques for hair weaving, but the two most popular techniques are "basic" hair weaving and "advanced". Basic hair weaving is a method of hair extensions that uses cornrow braiding of ones natural hair to form a line of hair called a "weft" or "track" along one edge. Then the commercial hair, which is also on a weft (sewn or tied together), is attached to the braided weft with a needle and weaving cord. Advanced hair weaving is a method that uses hand-tied knots instead of braids to form the weft with a needle and weaving cord.

Advanced hair weaving is a method that uses hand-tied knots instead of braids to form the weft or track and then the commercial hair is sewn onto the knotted weft with a needle and weaving cord. Ones own natural hair left out of the weave is styled to cover where the extensions are attached for a very natural look.

Q: What is Bonding?

A: Bonding is when bulk or wefted hair extensions are applied by using hair bonding agent or pre-bonded tips.

Q: How do I maintain them?

A: You treat hair extensions like natural hair. Shampoo with a detangling shampoo for dry hair, and follow up with a leave-in moisturizing conditioner. NEVER sleep on your extensions while wet or damp — it causes matting and possible damage to your natural hair! Comb all the tangles out before wetting or shampooing hair, and for longer lengths be sure to braid or tie up your hair before sleeping on it.

Q: Can I brush, curl, blow dry, and wash my hair extensions?

Absolutely! This is your new hair. Wash, curl and have fun. Though you can wash everyday, you will find that your extensions will stay clean and curled for days. Wake up too late this morning? No problem — your hair still looks great!

Q: How do I shampoo them?

A: Wash hair in one direction. It is best to apply shampoo to dry hair, leave it for 5 minute and then wash the shampoo out, keeping the hair nice and straight. Avoid shampooing hair upside down in the sink. Use shampoos that are for dry hair and add the most moisture. Make sure you shampoo your hair right after swimming, since salt and chlorine can dry out and damage your hair extensions. When brushing your hair, start from the bottom and work your way up while holding the top part to keep it from shredding or stretching.

Q: Can I color or perm the extension hair? What about coloring my own hair?

A: The great thing about our human hair is that it comes with the perm in it and you can choose the color. You may color or perm hair extensions after they're installed, but it is not advisable since it has already been processed and may shorten the life of the extensions.

You or your technician may definitely color your own hair. Just color the area of hair that has been left out of the extensions. Be careful not to get color on the extensions hair, as it will grab color really fast.

Q: What is a Tightening?

A: Tightening is when the hair weft is removed and then put back in. Due to hair growth and daily maintenance, your hair extensions will loosen from your scalp and will need to be tightened. CAUTION: It is very important to have your extensions tightened in a timely fashion to avoid any damage to your own natural hair.

If the extensions get too loose, your new growth of natural hair between your scalp and the extensions can matt together and potentially cause breakage when you try to detangle your hair. Ask your technician for a tightening schedule for your particular method of extensions.

Q: What types of products should I use?

A: Moisture is the most important thing. Please do not use products for oily hair or strippers that take out chlorine or product build-up. These will leave your hair extensions dry. Use styling products that are zero- or low-alcohol. Products for dry hair are the best. Spray-in conditioners and glossifiers are wonderful for the ends of your new extensions.

Q: Can I remove the extensions myself, or have a friend do it?

A: It is advisable to have a hair extension technician remove your extensions to ensure proper removal and to avoid hair loss during the removal

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