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Innovative Hair Designs

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What Our Customers Say

Find out why Innovative Hair Designs Salon is one of the most reputable names in Seattle, WA when it comes to hair and scalp care. Read some of our clients’ testimonials!

Hands down and unequivocally one of the best hairdressers in the area, if not the best! I've been going to Nikkie on and off for more than 15 years now and she is amazing.

Extremely knowledgeable and educated, highly professional, and a master at her craft. From weaving to braiding to coloring and cutting, not to mention her specialty in hair loss and reconstruction. She is exceptionally versatile and can work with all different hair types, which is hard to find. She has helped me grow my hair longer than I have ever been able to do with any other hairdresser.

If you are new to the area, or just looking for a new hairdresser and don't know where to turn, Nikkie is where you need to go...seriously!”

– Sonya N., Bellevue, WA

Nikkie is a fabulous hairstylist and a great person. I have known Nikkie Lee for a long time now–she is a great hairstylist. The best thing about her work is that she is very dedicated and gives you all her time once you are in her studio. I am so happy that she just started with her own studio at Northgate, which is a convenient location for everyone. I would suggest everyone who is conscious about their hair style to try Nikkie at least once.”

– Dilshad S., Seattle, WA

Nikkie is AMAZING!!! I had micro-link extensions put in, and I am in love with them. Nikkie chose the perfect color and placed them in just the right places around my head so that I could wear my hair in any style without them showing.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, works quickly, and is reasonably priced. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!”

– Britt B., San Francisco, CA

Nikkie has been doing my hair for about one and a half years now, every other week regularly. Just recently, I had a special event that fell outside of my regularly scheduled appointment. I was unable to get into Nikkie, so I had to go to another stylist. After that appointment, I realized to a greater extent why I only trust Nikkie to cut and color my hair. From that appointment, my short, trendy hairstyle was ruined and cut uneven all over my head to the point that I had to wear a hat for a week until I could get back into Nikkie to get it fixed. Nikkie took time and thoroughly cut my hair, and though it had to be cut shorter in order to even out the haircut, I am back in business now and can style my hair again.

I always look fabulous when I leave the shop, and my cut, color, and style is healthy and attracts the attention of others daily. I learned a hard lesson, but now I know not to let anyone else cut my hair and to wait until I can get into Nikkie, no matter the circumstance or situation.

You can't go wrong by scheduling an appointment with Nikkie; she really takes the time to know your hair and you as a person. She is very thorough even for the most picky of clients like me and makes sure that your hair not only looks nice but that it is healthy, healthy, healthy.

Thank you Nikkie.”

– Sonya C., Seattle, WA

Nikkie Lee has been my hairstylist for over 6 years. If you need to bring your hair back to health, she is the one to see. She is always up on the latest trends and products to make my hair look fabulous while keeping it healthy. Her experience, professionalism, and passion for styling hair are just a few of the reasons you should book your appointment TODAY!”

– Dy J., Seattle, WA

I have been going to Nikkie over a period of 10 years–there was a break when I moved back to CA. I have kinky, thick, natural hair. Nikkie has pretty much done anything you can think of to it without damaging it. I wear it natural most weeks, we do twist outs, but she has also blow-dried and curled it without any heat damage. She does amazing cuts, colors, and is comfortable with all textures. She isn't cheap, but she is definitely worth it!”

– Sandy D., Seattle, WA

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